contact: Pasquale Tricarico <>


SurfaceCoverage is a graphical software tool developed by Pasquale Tricarico at the Planetary Science Institute, in support to the NASA Dawn mission. It allows to estimate the coverage of the surface of asteroid (4) Vesta by the Dawn spacecraft in a wide range of configurations. The motivations for developing this tool are:
The main features of SurfaceCoverage are:
No output files are generated.

Mailing List

A mailing list is available to track issues related to this application: the ORSA-tools mailing list. Feel free to subscribe to it in order to receive announcements for new releases, to follow the development, and to help other users.


We make available SurfaceCoverage as source code and as distribution packages for different platforms. The distribution packages do not require any system installation: after uncompressing them, you'll be ready to execute the main program. The MD5 checksum of each distribution package follows:
d7883c2fec19a9453b5fc55b53e3d0cb  SurfaceCoverage-1.0.461-Linux-x86.tar.gz
To download each package follow this link.

Source Code

The source code is available as a Subversion repository. For instructions on how to retrieve it, see this page. In order to compile it you'll also need to install some required libraries. Please refer to the orsa.pri file for a list of references, or contact Pasquale Tricarico for support.


After extracting the content of the package with:
tar xvfz SurfaceCoverage-1.0.461-Linux-x86.tar.gz
start a terminal, cd into the new directory, and then execute the script ./

Mac OS X

After extracting the content of the package, start the Terminal application, usually found under Applications/Utilities, then
cd into the new directory, and execute the script ./


After extracting the content of the package, cd into the new directory, and then double-click on the executable file SurfaceCoverage.exe