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About the ORSA project

Started in summer 2001 just as a simple collection of celestial mechanics C++ classes, the ORSA project now collects many general classes, a graphical interface running under Linux/Unix, Mac OS X and Windows, and a number of tutorial programs. The ORSA project is under heavy development, and at the moment is beta quality software. ORSA is Free Software: feel free to use and modify it!

The ORSA project is maintained by Pasquale Tricarico.


The ORSA project is currently developed by:

  • Pasquale Tricarico
If you want to join us in the development of ORSA, contact us!


ORSA was originally written by Pasquale Tricarico. Many people contribute to this project. Any omission to this list is accidental. ORSA would not be what it is today without the invaluable help of these people:

Alberto Vecchiato (testing)
Alex Szabo (debugging)
Andreas Pour (distribution packages)
Antonio Ceseracciu (programming discussions)
David J Cozatt (debugging, distribution packages and suggestions)
Francesco Marzari (debugging and suggestions)
George Lake (programming discussions, suggestions)
Giorgio Lissandron (testing)
John Snyder (debugging and suggestions)
Kuba Ober (Win32 porting and distribution package, bugfixes)
Markus Bongard (Mac OS X distribution package)
Mauro Barbieri (suggestions)
Nathan Hearn (programming discussions, debugging)
Sara Magrin (suggestions)

Thanks also to the people at SourceForge for the support.


Please contact Pasquale Tricarico for informations and requests about ORSA.

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