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ORSA is a quickly evolving, open source project. This means, as is often the case, that it lacks good documentation. We are very sorry for that, and we guarantee that good documentation will be around by the release of ORSA 1.0 (even though nobody really knows when this will happen). All we can do now is to collect on this page all the presentations given on ORSA and also all the auto-generated code documentation.


We collect here presentations of ORSA given at various conferences, meetings and workshops, sorted by year.


An ORSA demonstration will be held at the "Second ESA Workshop on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques" with the slides "An Introduction to ORSA" [PDF, 622 kb]. For the occasion, a ORSA demo movie [MPEG, 30.5 Mb, 13 min.] has been realized, using the great xvidcap tool.


We were present at the MACE 2003 meeting with a poster available in PostScript or PDF format for A0, A3 and A4 paper:


The ORSA project has been presented at the first workshop on "Computational Astrophysics in Italy: methods and tools", Bologna (Italy), 4-5 July 2002. The presentation is available in (gzipped) PostScript (214 Kb) | PDF (3364 Kb) | (gzipped) PDF (112 Kb) format.

The liborsa library

The documentation of the numerical library liborsa is obtained using Doxygen and can be browsed here. In the presentations above, part of the liborsa functionalities are also described.


A number of tutorial programs, in the src/test/ directory of the ORSA tar.gz package, can be used to learn part of the liborsa functionalities.

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