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The latest version of ORSA is 0.7.0, and is available as a source tarball, a static Linux-i586 binary, a Mac OS X installer and a Windows installer. Older versions of the files can be obtained from the ORSA file list on Sourceforge.net.

description download link size release date notes
source package orsa-0.7.0.tar.gz 729 kb Jan 12 2005 Dependencies and Recommended packages: Qt is required by the main a graphical program 'xorsa/macorsa/winorsa', GSL is required for some numerical computations, FFTW is required only for some analysis tasks. Links and versions follow:
Debian package Debian ORSA packages overview Debian packages maintained by Frank S. Thomas.
Linux static xorsa-i586-linux-static-0.7.0.gz 4503 kb Jan 12 2005 This file allows to test the xorsa program on any x86 based Linux box. No system requirements, no programming or administration knowledge, just download and run it. To run the application, gunzip it with 'gunzip xorsa-i586-linux-static-XXX.gz', and change the execution bit with 'chmod +x xorsa-i586-linux-static-XXX'. Please remember that this is a static binary, this means that it is big, somewhat slow and poorly optimized. If you like the program, you are encouraged to install a full version of ORSA from the source package or searching for a possible distribution package for the your Linux distribution.
Mac OS X macorsa07_nodatafiles.pkg.zip 12856 kb Jan 18 2005 This Mac OS X distribution package is contributed by Markus Bongard. For more informations, please visit his website: http://naranja.umh.es/~atg/.
Windows winorsa-0.7.0.exe winorsa-0.5.0-rc2.exe 3446 kb Jan 12 2005 This Windows distribution package is contributed by Kuba Ober.

A note to all Linux distribution package makers: ORSA distribution packages are very welcome for any Linux distribution, and we would like to get in touch with package makers. This would be useful to sync the package release date with the source code release date, to give our support during the package creation, and to maintain an updated list of distributions offering a ORSA package, with direct links to the package files. If you feel you can contribute, please contact us.


Since ORSA 0.6.0, it is possible to apply textures to celestial bodies. The requirements for the texture files are:

  • file format supported by Qt;
  • image dimensions in a 2:1 ratio;
  • each dimension has to be a power of 2;
These are common requirements for OpengGL textures. Most textures are adapted from textures files freely available from public repositories. For convenience, we provide here a sample texture for each body:

Development version

If you want to check out new features, changes and improvements not yet made public, you can access the CVS. See the Development section.

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